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The Loft – Potluck

  We are a topic driven link-up, which means that we link posts that pertain to the topic of the week. Posts that are not on topic will be deleted. We will offer a month’s worth of topics each week so you can plan and prepare for a post that helps you enter into the…

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Be Still and Know

It’s so early in the morning all the houses in my neighborhood are dark, except for mine. My light shines on the kitchen table welcoming me to sit down.  The table is bare except for a book and my cup of coffee. It appears I’m alone, but I’m not. The book is Holy Script and…

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I Was With Jesus

I was sitting by a campfire. I wasn’t alone. Jesus was with me.In the warmth of the golden flames, I could hear His voice. The words were wise, kind, and compassionate. We even laughed together. Just being with Him filled my soul with content. All of a sudden, I woke up. It was just a…

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God’s Manifold Wisdom

Sunday morning. I hesitate before going into the Secret Place. I’m running late. Do I have enough time for His Word?  Could twenty minutes make a difference?  I don’t know, but I enter in any way. Humbly I bow, in His presence, with a yielded heart – leaning into to learn. With the open Bible…

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Soul Tired

As a gift for our 40th wedding anniversary, my husband planned a trip overseas. We cruised from Barcelona to Rome. We spent days in Rome moving with the crowds in Vatican City and at every turn we found history. It was exciting and a trip of a lifetime. I loved it, but I’m glad to…

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