Faith, Heart of God, Yielded Heart

A Letter to Me From The Future

  January 23, 1973   TO YOU FROM THE FUTURE – January 23, 2017   Dear Chrissy, Don’t be alarmed! This is me – I mean you, from the future. It’s from you – an older and wiser you. Still afraid? Calm down! (Please stop biting your nicotine soaked nails, having that next cigarette isn’t…

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The Loft

My Goal for 2017

Each year starts the same. We want to do better, be better, work harder and accomplish our resolutions. This year I’m seeking something different. I want one goal – just one. But, what if my goal isn’t right? What do I do now? “If you do what is right in the eyes of the Lord,…

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God's Word, Yielded Heart

Starting the New Year Right?

The year’s ending. How are you planning on starting the New Year?  Are you looking to the past for answers for the future? Some of us wonder if it was a good year or not, some of us already have the answer. Not. We fill the pages of the calendar hoping to squeeze out the…

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Heart of God

Thank God For the Gift of Helplessness!

On this Christmas Eve Day, we’re thinking of gifts given and received. Right now I’m remembering another kind of gift – the gift of helplessness. Vanessa knows what I mean. I met her today through the beauty of the internet. She reminded me of this gift: When she reached the end of herself she found the…

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